VRV Adds MUBI to Channel Offerings, Launches CuriosityStream

VRV, the OTT service catering to “superfans” of anime, animation, comedy, horror, science and technology, have announced the addition and availability of content from MUBI, an OTT channel featuring top-rated classic films, and the platform availablity of the previously announced science, history, nature, and tech documentary channel CuriosityStream.

CuriosityStream is available separately in packages from $2.99 to $11.99 per month; MUBI is available separately for $5.99 per month, but both channels are available as part of VRV’s “Combo Pack,” which includes 10 other channels, for $9.99 per month.

Next TV News previously talked with VRV GM Arlen Marmel just before the addition of these two new channels.

“Several years ago we set out on a journey to build a central hub for what we at the time called the ‘fandom,’ and we recognized that there are a bunch of niche services out there, and the market is growing. Crunchyroll is one the largest anchors in that ecosystem. Can we build a hub that from a user standpoint creates a gathering place, a home for all of the brands and channels that they know and love, allows them to connect with like minded people, and a product that that by virtue of focusing on those niche fandoms allows you to build an experience that maybe caters a little more intimately to that Audience”?

VRV is available through iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4, Roku, and Comcast apps, with Apple TV and Amazon device support coming early next year.

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