For the first time, the UEFA Champions League Final, to be held on June 3 at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, will be broadcast in 360 VR through BT Sport and MTG.

In total, 5 broadcasters will have access to the 360-degree video, distributes from UEFA’s single centralized content distribution platform known as Livex.

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To cover the match, 8 360-degree cameras from Nokia Ozo will be positioned around the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

The matches will be viewable in VR through apps available from the broadcasters.

The BT Sport VR app will allow viewers to watch the action in two modes: Cardboard for a “truly immersive VR (virtual reality) experience” and Smartphone mode which will allow viewers to pan around the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Viewers on the Sport VR app who have a minimum connection speed of 10Mbps will be able to choose which camera they watch the action from, or an ‘auto’ mode will provide a 360-degree produced program with commentary and graphics.

Bt sport app
BT Sport VR App. Source: IBC

BT Consumer Chief Executive John Petter:

“We believe that VR can offer our viewers an immersive second screen view which will enhance our coverage. We’re excited to be broadcasting what we believe to be the biggest multi-camera live 360-degree sporting event ever for the first time to our customers.”

For MTG, their new app Viareal will be available for its Nordic viewers, proving an “immersive and interactive experience.”


Viareal mtg 360 degree champions league
MTG ViaReal App. Source: IBC

Executive Vice President of MTG AB, Chairman Nordic Entertainment Board and CEO of MTG Sweden Anders Jensen:

“The combination of Viareal and MTG’s storytelling will take the viewer experience to the next level, and the UEFA Champions League final is a spectacular occasion to continue exploring this incredible technology.”


Source: IBC 365

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