At NAB NY 2017’s Avid booth, we sat down with R. Alan Hoff, Vice President, Market Solutions at Avid, who explained how Avid is evolving their products to embracing cloud-based production.

Mentioning a new partnership with Microsoft and their Azure cloud offering, Avid’s new web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX platform in conjunction with Media Composer | Cloud Remote, can now take advantage of the flexibilities and opportunies that come with a cloud-based production workflow, incorporating the best of on-premises, data center or hybrid asset deployments.

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Avid’s Media Composer | Cloud Remote. Source: Avid

A new version of Media Composer, called Media Composer | Cloud VM, allows virtual access to Media Composer using a centralized Virtual Desktop model.

Avid’s Media Composer | Cloud VM Remote workflow. Source: Avid

New cloud-enabled versions of Avid iNews will enable news producers the flexibility of building shows, producing rundowns, and developing stories from any location.

Avid’s iNews Platform received additional cloud-based enhancements. Source: Avid

Avid’s Interplay MAM also received cloud components, allowing editors the flexbility of remote production while taking advantage of access to on-premise media.

Avid’s Pro Tools system also benefits from cloud-based production with interesting collaboration opportunities. Hoff mentioned to a scenario where live recording and overdubbing can be executed remotely, in real time.  A remote guitar player, for example, can add a track to an already existing project.  With interoperability between workstations, audio engineers can literally watch the track appear in the master project as the track is laid down.

Avid Protools collaboration / chat window. Source: Avid


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