Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cable Networks Continue To Shed Subscribers

A Pivotal Research Group analysis of estimates based on Nielsen's cable network notes a 2.9% decline in overall median cable network subscribers in June 2016, similar to a 3% drop for the previous month and a 2.8% drop in April of that same year.

Nielsen Q4 2016: 35% Of All Media Viewing On Second Screen

In a Nielsen study, the 2016 Comparable Metrics Report for the 4th Quarter, which reports that, among all adults, 48% of all media viewing occurs on a TV or a device connected to a TV, and 35% of all media viewing occurs on the "second screen," a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Delmondo Adds New Social Video Audience Measurement Tools To Platform

Video analytics software platform Delmondo announced today several enhancements to its audience measurement platform to assist publishers and advertisers better measure and target their videos across all social platforms and devices.

Comscore Announces New Service To Measure OTT Viewing

To provide greater tools to measure this behavior, comScore today announced the launch of its its new syndicated service, comScore OTT Intelligence.