Boink CEO John Lamb announced that the 1.0 release of its live social streaming app Bonk Live, will be Monday, June 19th, following the conclusion of a beta test period which began in April.

The mobile live streaming platform, billed as “the New Hollywood” by Boink, plans to be unique from other social streaming platforms by adding an influencer marketing componeny to the service by offering stream monetization opportunities at launch.

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The BonkLive app will be available as a free download from Google Play or the Apple App Store, and promises that through “artificial programing intelligence and secret algorithms” “will turn [your] company into a multibillion dollar network.”

Boink offers several opportunities for monetization of an influencers’ live stream/broadcast:

  • Broadcasters can earn 5 cents every time a viewer views at an offer displayed on during the live broadcast.
  • Broadcasters have opportunities to receive virtual gifts, which can then be redeemed for cash.
  • Qualified broadcasters who received “bonkified” status will receive $150 for playing commercials on their broadcasts to audiences of 500 or more people or $50 for reading advertisements during their broadcasts.
  • All broadcasters qualify for a MasterCard-backed debit card to redeem their earnings.

Broadcasters also have the opportunity to advertise their channel on the service, with a $60 10-minute duration ad which displays in the app’s advertising carousel while a viewer watches a broadcast, plus a 25 cent cost per click fee.

On advertising:

“Advertising through the Bonklive streaming platform is unlike any other advertising outlet available. The nature of live streaming offers a personal connection between a content creator and their audience that is unrivaled. This personal connection builds a sense of trust and credibility with the target audience that an advertiser could previously only dream of. The BonkLive platform also offers analytics for the advertiser to track the success of their ads and adjust their strategy accordingly. Advertising through BonkLive also offers huge financial value over traditional platforms such as Google AdWords or Facebook.”

For both broadcasters and advertisers, the Bonk Live service also offers comprehensive analytics to streamers to determine audience size and demographics, offer acceptance, and other metrics.

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