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Analyst: Is Social TV’s New Home?

In a guest blog post on We Are Social, Senior Trends Analyst Katie Young of GlobalWebIndex explores how audiences could migrate from traditional TV to watching content on social platforms.

Indeed, our research shows that there’s already a third of internet users who are using social media to find entertaining content, and if you take a look at the average Facebook newsfeed it’s clear that the social video boom has already taken place. With ‘watching a video’ now one of the top behaviors across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, Nicola Mendelsohn’s proclamation last year that Facebook ‘will definitely be mobile and probably all video’ in five years’ time is now more imaginable than ever.

Source: GlobalWebindex Q1 2017

It will likely be many years before audiences completely give up traditional TV, especially for live events, especially in sports.  The report found that for the Premier League, of those surveyed, 26% still watch soccer matches on TV versus the 15% who watch online.

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For digital TV viewers, half are watching TV programs on an “on-demand” or “catch-up” basis, but 73% are watching live tv as it is broadcast.


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