Did you know that an eMarketer study estimates that 2.15 billion people, or 62% of
the world’s internet users will consume digital video in 2017?

How did this happen? What’s driving this mass exodus from traditional TV to
internet-connected mobile devices?

But still, there’s nothing like a great family experience watching a great live event or a
compelling scripted series around the TV, but now, why are more of us leaving that
cable clicker on the coffee table – cutting the cord all together – and going what the
industry calls “over the top” by using a plug in device, a “Smart TV,” or maybe until
recently, a box that only played video games, to watch great content?

Do you have a remote in one hand and your phone in another?

Are you connected and chatting on social media or at an online community while
watching a TV show or live event?

How are non-traditional and independent creators creating new audiences — and
huge businesses — by producing quality live and pre-produced shows?

What are their tools and techniques?

And how are the big guns adapting to this new “Next TV” world by keeping audiences
tuning in,clicking, and consuming studio-grade content?

What’s so special about the alphabet soup of new TV technologies such as 4K, 8K,
HDR, VR and AR?

With NextTV.News, through articles and video reports, we’re going try to find answers to all these questions.

Coverage Focus

We’re going to cover “the future of broadcast” through 7 main areas:

First, we’ll cover the who – the creators themselves.
From one-person bloggers, to small production studios all the way to the big players.

Next, the tools – how are creators making their content.
We’ll talk to the companies that build great products to make these productions
happen, and go hands-on with them.

Next, marketing. How are video marketers – both individuals and agencies – driving
audiences to this content? We’ll look at effective campaigns.

Then, the executions or broadcasts themselves. What are these creators producing
in this new “future of broadcast?”

Next, where and when can these executions be seen? We’ll look at the various digital
platforms that creators are using to get their message across and engage their

We’ll also take a look at the analytics – the results of these executions. Different
creators and organizations use different metrics to determine what’s a successful
execution or broadcast to them. We’ll have a look at the companies that are gathering
and making audience data available to creators.

And finally, opinion. Here’s the why, and where guests in the industries we cover, have
ha chance to offer their commentary on what they consider the “future of broadcast,”
what’s working and what’s not.


Your Editor:

Stephen Knell is a Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Nominee for his work in interactive television programming and has a 25+ year professional broadcast career as an Executive Producer, Art Director, and Creative Director in both TV and streaming broadcasts.

He has worked in both local, broadcast, cable and national networks.  His creative work has been seen on:

  • ABC
  • CBS (including KOVR, KTVT, KTVU, KPIX)
  • NBC (including WNBC)
  • CNN
  • CNNfn and CNNfn.com
  • AMC
  • Telemundo
  • Univision
  • Tegna Station Groups
  • Bravo
  • WeTV
  • GSN
  • E!
  • HSN
  • QVC
  • JTV
  • Oxygen
  • TV Azteca
  • Spectrum News NY 1
  • Youtube Live
  • Twitch
  • Compound Media

You can find Stephen on Twitter @stephenjknell and on LinkedIn.